Source of hair

We only use finest quality Russian, European Virgin and Indian hair. At Liana Sanneh Extensions we never use Chinese Hair as its too thick for all hair types except chinese and the quality is not as high as the hair we use.

Russian, European, Indian Virgin and Temple Remy hair

Russian, European Virgin and Remy hair. are all types of human hair which retain their cuticle (outer layer) and are specially processed to ensure all the cuticles are facing the same direction from root to end. This ensures that the hair does not tangle or matt. Both Genetic and climatic conditions ensure that the hair grown remains of the highest quality from the tips all the way to the ends of the hair


Indian Temple Hair

Indian temple hair is the most ethically sourced hair in the world. This hair is collected from temples and then sold to hair merchants all over the world for processing, and where needed, also colouring to be able to offer a wider range of coloiurs. After contacting various sorting factories around the world we found the factories who supply us are both ethical and professional; both with their staff and procedures.

Virgin Curly Hair

The sources for this type of hair generally comes from smaller hair merchants around India,Eastern Europe and surrounding countries.

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