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9th September Cheryl Cole

Thank you once again my hair extensions are just perfect will see you again soon..  Will send some photos of the photo shoot as its beautiful

6th August 2012 Louise

I had wedding hair extensions done and Liana and her team did 6 of my ladies for my wedding day including me and everyone loved it .. photos were amazing

10th July 2012

You are such a nice person as well as talentedxx

7th July 2012 Jordie

Sorry for being do nervous i know i was a pain . I LOVE MY HAIR

15th March 2012

Thanks again Liana

5th March 2012

Amazing i wouldnt go anywhere else now after bad experience in a well known salon.

2nd February 2012 Gemma

Brilliant and thank you yet again

3rd October 2011 Carmen

Brilliant .. my hair was so lovely on my wedding day thanks to you. x

15th September 2011 Brigitta

I am the lady who got her hair done in Kensington 6 weeks ago and was very upset when you saw me as only had it in for 3 weeks. Wll i have had it for 3 weeks now and i cant say how happy i am the hair is so soft and lovely and i cant stop touching it.

4th August 2011  Sara

I loved my training with your company last week it was brilliant and will recommend


25th July 2011

cant say anymore then you are the best!!!!!!

17th July 2011

Hi im the page 3 girl who came last week.. people are complimenting me everyday on my hair extensions

15th July 2011

Omg .. thank you so much you are a star.. and i got my flight in time x

20th June 2011

thank you soo much .. i will recommend you to everyone

15th April 2011

I will be back to see you soon liana .. everyone is saying how great it looks

7th April 2011

Brilliant thank u well worth the trip from Manchester

10th March 2011

Im so happy with what you did and so sorry for being a nervous wreck when i first came .. i will see you in July .. Sam

7th January 2011

Im so happy with my hair extensions i will never use the glue methods again bow ive found you.. thank you soo much xx

13th December 2010

Thanks again from Sammy.

3rd December 2010

liana you are a saint you have so much patience i apoligise for being so nervous.. im so happy with my hair my fiancee was so definetely staying with you.

19th November 2010

im a french model and my hair has to look good i highly recommend liana i was very impressed

11th November 2010

i liked to say my hair still looks fab and will see you after xmas.. mwah

20th October 2010

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH. my hair looked amazing for my wedding. Your are truly the best. It was lovely seeing you again last week for my maintenence. Your so lovely. thanks again.

24th september 2010

liana its me babestation girl. All the girls loved my hair extensions you will be bombarded with calls to do their hair . I cant say thank you enough.The hair is soo soft its lovely.Any one who wonts hair extensions who wonts good quality hair this is the place to go.

20th September

Hello . Im ana you did my hair for my wedding . My sister can wait to see you to get her hair done for her wedding also.

29th August 2010

Hello. I am the girl who was going to vogue mag . The panicked one ha ha . Just wanted to say thank you soo much for going out of your way for me my hair looks unbelievable great.  Your number 1 X !

15th August 2010

I couldnt not leave a review after the amazing job you did on my hair yesterday. Your are great

3rd August 2010

Brilliant. I travel from France every 4months to get my hair done this is the 4th time now. See you soon mwahxx Sierra

21st July 2010

Amazing. I decided to colour my hair and get it bleached in a salon and they ruined my hair. Now thanks to LIANA its looking fab with extensions.

20th July 2010

Thanks again. Il be seeing you soon x Lisa

13th June 2010.
Thnk you so much for seeing me last minute it looks fab.

30th May 2010.
I come to to Liana when i am in London on business and not only does my extensions look great i get a lovely chit chat and a girly mag too x.

20th May 2010 Nadia Thornton .
I have had several costly and really bad experiences in the past with hair extensions that ruined my hair however I still wanted to have lovely long hair as most women do..!

I decided to give it one more try and started doing research on the internet which is where I found Liana's website..
I emailed her some questions and sent the same to a few other salons, one in particular is a well known hair extensions salon in London. Liana called me back within less than an hour, she was kind and friendly. .
I have made an appointment to have my extensions fitted in the salon in July 2010 and when I come up with another question and call her, she is very freindly..
I am making a trip of around 250 miles to have the extensions fitted at the salon, as I am sure i will be well looked after..

11th May 2010. Yalita
I am a russian model and my hair is VERY important i used to go to salon in Kensington for my russian hair extensions, London but my friend went to Liana and her looked stunning. I used to pay for Russian hair before but this Russian hair is 10 times better then the what i used to get before.. I got my hair done this week and I cant stop touching my hair. The colour match is identical and it feels so much more natural then before. This is the person to do my hair for me from now on.. Now i can feel confident on my photoshoots about my hair. I wish i could post a picture to show how beautiful it is !

13th May 2010. Samantha
I got referred through my friend ive now had my second set of hair done and its brilliant..If you want hair extensions that look and feel as natural as possible this is the place to go

10th April 2010. Rosie O'Brien
Defintely recommend i had the russian hair and 6 months later is still as stunning as the day i had it put in >.

02 February 2010. Maria Cobby
OMG.. i had a really bad haircut i called the next day and 3 days afetr my hair is looking fab again..i didnt even want to leave the hiouse before i got my extensions done

29 January 2010. Mrs Gillingham
This is the 3rd set of hair now.. ive been wearing hair extensions for a few years and this is the only place i recommend! 26 December 2009. Rosanne Smathers
Brilliant .. thanks again x.

26th December 2009 My partner treated me today and im literally jumping with joy.. it looks fab!.

20th October 2009 Lilly Krostiniva.
My Hair Stylist let me down two days before my wedding i knew of Liana through a mate and she came to see me and i got my hair done thankfully for my wedding!.

12th August 2009.
After going to another place in London i wasnt happy.. I found Liana by chance and ive been with her for 2 years now.

30th July 2009 Maxine.
I just want to say that I love my hair!!! :-) You did a great job and will definately be coming back soon! Thanks you hun.

02 Feb 2009.
Just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with my extensions. You have changed my life!! Everyone compliments me and friends have been enquiring where I got them done so of course I tell them! I think my friend was in getting a consultation last week. Anyway, I will keep spreading the word about The Best Place in London! I will be back to see you end June or mid July. I am the Tv girl who came in on 20th March in case you do not remember me by the way. Dark Brown hair, 18 inches. See you soon.

23rd Jan 2009
You are such a sweet heart it was soo nice having someone do my hair that is so lovely.. i will defintely tell ll my friends about the fab work you do..

30th December 2008 Joan Rymond.
I am extremely happy with my hair..

20th October 2008 Samantha Beacon.
You are really talented in your work you do.i couldnt be more delighted with the results..

13th June 2008 .
defintely recommend for quality hair extensions. the hair is amazing .

20th May 2008. Paulette
Hello you did my hair on a photoshoot last week thank you so much for your patience ive given your info to everyone.

12th Feb 2008 Janine Correstine.
Fabulous results.. I will definetely come back when im in the U.K again..>.

30th November 2007 Jalita.
Im a model so my hair is very important ive been getting my hair done by liana for almost 2 years she is the only one i trust to do my hair

23rd October 2007 Leah Brunswick.
I have Alopecia so i had to choose carefully and after my consultation i was more then confident she would do a good job and she did and now my patches are not noticeable..

3rd April 2007 Brilliant. I am from The U.S and i come to The U.K for business. i defintely recommend coming here for extensions. The hair is lush..

20th December 2006 .
Amazing work you did on my hair today. I will be back to see you most defintely.

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