Indian Temple Remy Hair

Indian Temple Hair:

Indian Temple hair was previously virgin hair and has been coloured to match your hair colour. This is a very popular choice as the hair quality is excellent but not quite as fine in texture and as good in quality as the european Virgin Hair.

We offer a wide variety of colours and is available in straight or bodywave.The Bodywave Hair can be straightened and when washed will return to its previous wavy form.

Indian Temple Remy hair retains the cuticle (outer layer) and is specially processed to ensure all the cuticles are facing the same direction from root to end. This ensures that the hair does not tangle or matt. Indian Temple Hair otherwise known as 'Premium Remy' is the only hair that suits all hair types as its not as thick as chinese but not as fine as European or Russian Hair.

Indian temple hair is the most ethically sourced hair in the world and collected in the temples of india.

How long will it last:

This hair will last approx 4 months.

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