Brazilian Wrap Hair Extensions- Brazilian hair extensions method

The Brazilian Wrap / Knot technique

The new Brazilian extension method for hair extensions is one of the smallest and most undetectable
The Brazilian hair wrap is an almost weightless application that minimizes shedding. The extension hair is attached to the client's hair using elastic threads coloured to match the clients hair. This means the extensions will be even less detectable.

The benefits of the Brazilian Wrap

This Brazilian technique or method for hair extensions is fast becoming known worldwide as the best hair extensions method. Also known as the Brazilian knot method. The process takes about four to five hours to complete, no bulkiness and no shedding! This method uses no adhesives, glues, or heat. The hair does not have to be pre-bonded which means you can get a consultation and fitting on the same day. The thickness of the strands are matched with the clients hair so if you have fine hair you dont have to worry about having very thick strands that are too heavy or too noticeable in your own hair.

The Brazilian wrap technique is also ideal for people who want to wear hair extensions to grow their own natural hair. It's safe for ALL textures from fine straight hair to thick coarse hair and is suited to people wth normal to thick hair . If you have very fine hair then the Mini Ringlets are more suitable.

This is the latest in strand by strand hair extensions offering versatility and movement with out glue or micro rings. It uses thread, that's it. If you want premium service, style & flexibility...then the best technique is the brazilian wrap for your hair extensions.

How long does it last?

This method will last approx 5 months with the correct maintenence and care before needing to be removed and redone

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